Hey, Nick here, the Creator of Learning Time Fun

It all started long ago, in a galaxy far far away......... Hold on, can I even say that? Really, can I?

As great (or cheesy) as a Star Wars joke can be, it's definitely not how Learning Time Fun's story begins.



A few years back I was a first time stay-at-home parent. My son was young, extremely adorable, spoke in a very high cute kid voice, and wasn't going to school yet. My wife (an elementary school teacher) gave me a list of topics she wanted our son to be prepped on before he went to preschool.

So naturally, I got to work straight away teaching my son.... by watching Youtube videos. Classic dad move for the win!

After a few days of scouring Youtube for learning videos, I realized that the style of videos I was looking for (short, pragmatic, and right to the point) weren't readily available for most subjects.

For any of you who are or have been stay-at-home parents, you know that side effects include (in no particular order): fun, messes, stress, more fun, more messes, cuteness, PJ's all day-every day, and a lot of extra time..... to do something creative (at least that's what I was both missing and needing in my spare moments). 

Kid's educational videos opened up an entirely new way for me to see what was possible for kid's growing up now. I got the crazy (at the time) idea of starting up a father and son learning video project, and that right there was the genesis for Learning Time Fun.



It was bonding time, working time, and learning time all rolled into one. What could be better? (maybe a sunny beach and some gelato with my family? (Ok, Ok, they're both great - why not just have both!?)

Back to the story:

It turns out, making educational content for kids is really exciting, but it also became really exhausting. I realized that to make more videos I was going to need to put in more solo hours and not rely so much on creating videos with my son. So that's the direction I took.



After only making a few videos I was amazed at how many views some of our videos were getting. Positive comments (back when comments were allowed) came in almost daily and after about a year of creating videos, children and classrooms were watching Learning Time Fun content all over the world. It was an exciting time and I have honestly continued to be blown away by how many subscribers and how much positive feedback I continue to receive. The best news of all is that Learning Time Fun is really just getting started!



I wanted to create quick videos for learning that were focused on important subjects for younger learners. I took a minimalist approach and just kept experimenting. 7 years later, I'm still working to improve Learning Time Fun with some great new content coming this year!

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay curious and keep learning!

~ Nick Romriell

When I'm not creating music and videos for Learning Time Fun (or another one of my ongoing projects), I'm likely learning languages, traveling around this incredible earth we share, or hanging out with my awesome family.