Show Your Support

A Message for the Grown-Ups

Learning Time Fun (LTF) needs your help! Over the past 2 years alone, Youtube has demonitized LTF's channel 5 different times. (I do still love Youtube's platform, but ad revenue alone isn't dependable and stable enough on its own). I am actively pursuing additional ways to turn LTF into a full-time sustainable living, and donations are the first step in a series of options I want to implement.  

I have set up a Ko-Fi donation page (below this message) to help support my work through cups of hot coco (figuratively and literally).

So, here are 3 ways you can help out:


If you can buy me a cup or two of hot coco to show your support today, that would be amazing.

** Donations, of course, aren't required, but they are incredibly helpful.**


Please share LTF content with friends, family, or educators. This helps me grow LTF on Youtube and beyond plus it helps fulfill my mission to educate more children, more classrooms, and help out more parents with their child's learning needs.


Email me at [email protected]om with suggestions for learning content, products, services, or merch ideas that you'd like to see from LTF. Any suggestions are welcome. I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for your support! Take care.

~ Nick